Here are the Outtakes of The Adventures of Gatomon in Digi-World. Feel free to help out! Make your outtake ideas hilarious, appropriate and related to The Adventures of Gatomon in Digi-World. Also: Make your outtake ideas kid-friendly because The Adventures of Gatomon in Digi-World is rated TV-Y.

Transcript Edit

Gatomon:(To the viewers) "Hi, Kids! I've got an entire reel of scenes that didn't make it into the series! That's EXACTLY why you wanna see them! Check it!"



Gatomon:"Hi! I'm Gatomon!"

Bearmon:"I'm Bearmon!"

Tapirmon:"I'm Tapirmon!"

Rhinomon:"I'm Rhinomon!"

Sheepmon:"I'm Sheepmon!"

Chamelemon:"I'm Chamelemon!"

Toucanmon:"I'm Toucanmon!"

Togemogumon:"I'm Togemogumon!"

Erismon:"I'm Erismon!"

Elephantmon:"I'm Elephantmon!"

Impmon and DemiDevimon:"And we're Impmon and DemiDevimon!"


Director:"Cut! Cut! Who let them on the set? Security!"

Impmon:"Uh oh! DemiDevimon, RUN!"

Impmon and DemiDevimon:*Run away*