• Squirrelmon
  • Type:Vaccine
  • Attribute:
  • Romantic Interests:None
  • Nicknames:
  • Team affliction:Good
  • Species:Squirrel
  • Gender:Female
  • Hair:Blue and white
  • Eyes:Green
  • Appearance:White fur with blue markings,yellow cheeks and belly
  • Abilities:
  • Weapons:None
  • Tranformations:Unknown
  • Theme Song:
  • Voice actor:


She was one of the digieggs that where saved and brought to File Island to which she waited for her partner,then one day as she was playing with the others her partner Amy came along with the rest of the kids.She stayed close to Amy throughout they're travels in the Digiworld,even when Devimon seprated Amy from her brother and the group.