Full Name: Shinji Makura
98px-120px-Black 2 White 2 Rival
Nickname(s): Shinji
Partner: Fuilmon
Gender: Male
Age: 11
Family: Shawn Makura (father)

Emily Makura(mother) Aiko Makura (older sister)

Kenta Makura Older Brothers

Interests: Eating Asparagus, Soccer
Dislikes: Kouda Montoya(sometimes), Jerry Throne (who always wants to be the leader, nobody listening to him, his sister (sometimes)
Crest: Courage
Group: Golden Heart Digi Destined
Personality: Brave,Kind, Caring, and Athletic. Can be hot-tempered and stubborn.
Personal History: Shinji was celebrating his sister's birthday until he gets a call from Azulongmon and warped into the Light And Darknes by train. There, he meets Fuilmon

Shinji Makura is the leader of the Golden Heart DigiDestined and the Golden Heart Army. He is the son of Shawn and Emily Makura, who both run a Chinese seafood restaurant. Shinji was at home, about to celebrate his sister Aiko's 15th birthday, until he got a phone call from Azulongmon, who takes him to the Digital World, where he met Fuilmon for the first time. Yuuki enjoys playing soccer, and watching football on television, as he dreams to be a famous soccer player. Shinji has a rivalry with Jerry Throne, difficulties of talking to Kouda Montoya best friends with Souji Tanimoto and has a crush on Angel Garnier. He also tells the group what to do, with the help of Guilmon. He always fights for his friends, and is known to be very kind to Fuilmon. Yuuki's goal is to lead the Golden Heart Army to fight Zhuqiaomon, who was corrupted by one of the Seven Great Demon Lords, Leviamon, the DigiDestroyers, and the Seven Great Demon Lords and to keep the Peace of the Digital World. Yuuki is often compared to Takuya Kanbara from Frontier.

Other AppearncesEdit

Digimon Green FlashEdit

Fuilmon And Shinji Appears To Help

Light And Darkness 02Edit

Shinji Appear in Light And Darkness 02