Renamon t


This page is for Renamon from any person's continuity

Digimon: Spirits Edge!Edit

Here, Renamon is the partner of Christine. Renamon acts mostly the same as her Tamers counterpart, only with more concern for Christine.

Digimon: Digital RenaissanceEdit

In the fan fiction Digimon: Digital Renaissance a Renamon appears as a lead character. This Renamon has a quiet, laid back personality but constantly clashes with another lead Digimon called Kiezdramon.



Female fox





This Renamon's appearance is not very different from the Tamers one, the only differences are that the markings below her eyes are black and she also wears a karate-style black belt. She is the smartest, and maybe the most powerful of the group. The effects of the Renaissance took hold, giving every member of the Renamon species the "female" gender identity.

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