Lost and Found is the second episode of The Adventures of Gatomon in Digi-World Season 1. It is also the second episode of the series.

Previous Episode: The Legend of Kari Kamiya

Next Episode: Hic-Boom-Ohhhh!

Characters Present Edit

  1. Gatomon
  2. Bearmon
  3. Tapirmon
  4. Rhinomon
  5. Sheepmon
  6. Chamelemon
  7. Rabbitmon
  8. Toucanmon
  9. Togemogumon
  10. Psychemon
  11. Erismon
  12. Elephantmon
  13. Impmon
  14. DemiDevimon
  15. Ludomon (Debut)
  16. Vorvomon (Debut)
  17. Dracomon (Debut)
  18. ShellNumemon (Debut)

Summary Edit

While playing hide and seek, Gatomon and her friends find a Lubomon and decide to help her get back home. But to do so, the gang must turn to Vorvomon, Dracomon and ShellNumemon for help.

Plot Edit

The episode starts with Gatomon looking around the native forest. She then tells the viewer she is playing hide and seek with her friends and asks "You wanna play?". The viewer agrees and Gatomon says "Great! Now, I found everyone but........Chamelemon! Let's go find her!". With that, Gatomon and the viewer go look for Chamelemon. Gatomon says as she looks around "Now, where could that chameleon Digimon be hiding?" and asks the viewer "Do you see Chamelemon?". The viewer finds Chamelemon in the tree leaves and Gatomon calls out "Chamelemon!". Chamelemon says as she jumps out "Gatomon!" and gives Gatomon a big hug. Gatomon thanks the viewer for helping her find Chamelemon and Bearmon says "Let's play again! Let's play again!". Gatomon says happily "OK! But this time-" but she is cut short when the gang hears a gibbering sound. Gatomon says the gang should investigate and the others agree. The gang then finds a Lubomon who is wet and cold, as Tapirmon states it. Gatomon says "Maybe Sheepmon has something in her backpack to help dry off and warm up Ludomon!" and asks the viewer "We need your help! Can you check Sheepmon's backpack for something that will help dry off and warm up Ludomon?". The viewer finds a towel in Sheepmon's backpack and wraps it around Ludomon. Ludomon is now warm and dry. Tapirmon, speaking English, asks Ludomon where she lives but Ludomon says "Wuh?", which is robotic gibberish for "What?".

Places in episode Edit

  1. Banana Trees
  2. Cornfield
  3. Tree-Shaped Warehouse

Trivia Edit

  • The Travel Song is sung in normal speed in this episode.
  • This is the first time Gatomon and her friends play hide and seek, the other two times will be in To The Treehouse! and Hide and Go Seek.