Kakmon Reloaded by Khayura

Yeah here you can see Kakamon, Level Rookie. <3 He's really the perfect Digimon for me, because:

Other FormsEdit

The Name Of Kakamon can Digivolve To Other Forms

Kamon Digi-eggEdit

Lawl, somehow I'd like to make a remake of my old Digimon. I got inspired by some songs and also by Dwijagads Foxmon. Nothing to say about the egg... next to the egg you can see:


Level: Fresh, and above:


Level: In-Training

Rookie Level is following C:


Omg his feet are badly creepy x_x But I really ike the rest.. Kakamon's Champion Level, Milanmon...

Those feet do really suck...
Milanmon Reloaded by Khayura

Other AppeancesEdit

Light And Darknes1/2Edit

Kakamon Appear in Light And Darkknes To Help Goldenheart DigiDestined.Kakamon Digvolve To Millanmon to Fight Gokuwmon.Kakimon appear Run Scared with Human

Two Years Later The Same Kakamon Appear To Help.

Digimon ReloadedEdit

Kakakmon Partnersred with Kharuya.