Digimon Hikaru Yami
Name:Hikaru Yami
  • Age:14
  • Relatives:Mom and dad
  • Romantic Interest:None
  • Nicknames:Hika
  • Team Affiliations:Good
  • Species:Human
  • Gender: Female
  • Hair:Brown
  • Eyes:Green(Just looks brown)
  • Clothing:Blue top,street shoes,black pants
  • Abilities:Unknown
  • Weapons:Unknown
  • Forms:Unknown
  • Theme song:
  • Profession:Drawing,Babysitter


As a young girl, she always seems to have a smile,but was hiding a deep lonelyness.Although she was loved by her folks and friends,she never understood it .She avoids fights of any kind and cares deeply for her friends well beinging and choose them then her own. Lately she has been persued by the tamer killer for reasons unknown to her.As she was in the Digiworld with some other kids,she learns more about the Tamer Killer and why he wants to kill her more then any other tamer:A friend from school under a evil spell and trying to brake free.