Fusionmaster is a new stage often achieved by Megas. It is usually the fusion of all the protagonist Digimon within a single series.

Imperialdramon Paladin mode + Valkerymon Rainbow mode + Vikemon Mach mode = Freedommon

Gallantmon Crimson mode + Alexandemon (Mega Gargomon + Cherubimon) + Sakuyamon Miko mode + Justimon + Hi-Andromon + Neptunemon + Saber Leowomon + Anubismon + Beelzemon Blast mode = Super Gallantmon

Susanoomon is a fusion master.

Alphamon Ouryuken + Any non-fusion master Digimon = Alphamon Embrace

Zeal Omnimon (Shine Greymon Burst mode + Mirage Gaogomon Burst mode) + Lotusmon or Rosemon Burst mode + Ravemon Burst mode + Ultimate Khaosmon + KingChessmon + QueenChessmon + Jumbo Gamemon = OmniKhaosmon

Shoutmon X7 superior mode is a fusion master and he is composed of Shoutmon X7 and at least one Digimon.

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