Drageromon (long e) is a Digimon that is a mix of a white tiger and a red Dragon. he has the powers of Light and Fire. his Weapons are duel Fire Swords and also a light Arrow bow.


Endac gets like the same little visor that Zoey's spirit gets but it's black. His hands become white tiger paws and he gets armor like Agunimon (Takuya's spirit). Also, he has a swordbelt with two sword scabberds, each with a flame sword and he has a bow with a quiver of Arrows made of Light both on his back and also some flame sherikens. He also grows red Dragon wings.

Beast evolution spiritEdit

It's name is Tragoonymon. It still has the bow and arrows, but it now adds a set of White Dragon wings and he walks on 4 legs and he has the bow like on his back like for a crossbow.

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