Rock it out is a four player mini game found in Digimon all star party.This marks on of Tai's cameo appearances in the mini games.The mini game takes place on a rock and roll stage in Tai and Kari's backyard with an audience of Digimon waiting for a great rock and roll concert to occur.

Game rules

"Let's rock and roll with Tai! Play the right music notes on your guitar by pressing the buttons shown on the screen to match Tai's beat and stay on stage! If you miss a beat,you lose a life! Miss too many music notes and you're out! The last player on stage wins! If you lose all your lives,a crack will appear under your Digimon and you're out of the concert! If you're playing the kinetic version on your Xbox 360 console,match the movements on screen to match Tai's moves and stay in the game! You're out if you miss too many notes!"


Digimon all star party official soundtrack 10 "Rock it out"