Air brakes is a four player mini game found in Digimon all star party and made it's reappearance in Digimon Park 2.It's name is based on the 101 in 1 party mega mix mini game of the same name.It is both one of the last Digimon standing and most points wins mini games in the last Digimon standing and most points wins genre lists.

Game rules

Digimon all star party

"You're having a contest to see who has the most points or the last one standing in a 3 round game of air brakes.Let your plane get as close to the ground as possible before pressing the brakes button.The closer you are to the ground,the more points you'll score.Each of you have 1 try per round to get as many points as possible.You will take this in turns.Be careful not to hit the ground because if you crash,you're out.The last player standing wins! If no players are eliminated,the player with the most points after 3 rounds wins!"

Digimon Park 2

"Let's have a contest to see who's the player that carefully lands on the Trailmon below! Use the arrows below your plane to direct your aim.Use the parachute on the tail of your plane to slow down.Be sure not to crash into the railroad tracks or fly directly into Trailmon because if you do,you're out.The last player remaining or the first player to safely land on Trailmon wins!"

Digimon all star party official soundtrack 18/Digimon Park 2 official soundtrack 22 "Air brakes"