Abandon Yaamip is a four player mini game found in Digimon all star party.This mini game marks Yaamon's appearance as a big version of himself,trying to knock 3 objects off the table with only one of them remaining.This is one of the last Digimon standing mini games in the last Digimon standing mini game genre list.

Game rules

"Oh no! Yaamon is huge and he's going to knock at least three objects off the table but leaves only one remaining.Choose a hiding spot and hope that Yaamon won't knock you off the table.You have 15 seconds to choose a hiding spot or you're disqualified.Once all of you choose a hiding spot,Yaamon will appear and knock one object off the table then walks away.If Yaamon knocks your hiding spot off the table,you're out.The last player on the table wins!"


Digimon all star party soundtrack 15 "Abandon Yaamip"