A meal's a deal is a four player mini game found in Digimon all star party and Digimon Park 2.It is one of the last Digimon standing mini games in the last Digimon standing genre list.It also marks the apperance of an unknown big male Digimon who is so hungry that he could eat a horse,get it?

Digimon all star party

"Uh oh! A big hungry Digimon is looking for some noodles to eat and you might be part his food! A clock will appear at the top of the screen,showing the pre-deadline and the actual deadline.Wait until the clock,which has disappeared,is close to the deadline at the right time to close your noodle cup lids.Once you all closed your noodle cup lids,the big hungry Digimon will appear and chooses a noodle cup to eat from then leaves.He only eats the noodle cup with the longest time to close their lid.If you're the player who took the longest to close your noodle cup,you're eaten and out.The last player surviving wins!"

Digimon Park 2

"Yikes! A big hungry Digimon is going to eat noodle cups and you're in it.Quickly close your lids at the right time to avoid getting eaten.The big hungry Digimon can only eat the noodle cup that took the longest to close their lid.If you take the longest time to close the lid,you're lunch.The last player surviving wins the game!"

Digimon all star party soundtrack 22/Digimon Park 2 soundtrack 18 "A meal's a deal"