Digimon generations. It's a story about a boy who travels the multiverse crossing over with various Digimon series and helping out the heroes.

The main characters Digimon is called Squeakmon. He can digivolve into the folowing Digimon: Agumon, Greymon, MetalGreymon, Veemon, Flamedramon, Raindramon, Magnamon, Ex-Veemon, Magnamon (blue), Guillmon, Growlmon, WarGrowlmon, Flamon, Agunimon, BurningGreymon, Aldamon, DORUmon, DORUgamon, DORUguremon, Agumon 06, GeoGreymon, RizeGreymon, Shoutmon, Shoutmon X2, Shoutmon X3, Shoutmon X4 and Shoutmon X5.

His rivals Digimon is Roarmon. He can digivolve into the folowing Digimon: Gabumon, Garurumon, WhereGarurumon, Wormmon, Bucchiemon, Stingmon, Jewelbeemon, ArkSword (a sword that resembles Grani), Strabimon, Lobomon, KendoGarurumon, Beowulfmon, Ryudamon, Ginryumon, Hisyaryumon, Agumon Ruin mode (looks like BlackAgumon 06 with a purple version of Agumon bust modes aura), Greymon 10 and MetalGreymon 10.

They can unite there digimon into Ecomon who can Digivolve into Paildramon or Shoutmon X3GM.

Near the end, Squeakmon can digivolve into MegaSqueakmon and can summon the folowing Digimon: WarGreymon, AlforceVeedramon, Gallantmon, EmperorGreymon, Alphamon, ShineGreymon and OmegaShoutmon.

Roarmon can digivolve into MegaRoarmon and can summon the folowing Digimon: MetalGarurumon, GrandasKowagumon, Grani, MagnaGarurumon, Ouryumon, ShineGreymon Ruin mode and ZeekGreymon.

They can unite into MegaEchomon who can summon the folowing Digimon: Omnimon, Imperialdramon (who can transform into Fighter mode and fuse with Omnimon to become Paladin mode), Galantmon crimson mode, Susanoomon, Alphamon (Ouryuuken), ShineGreymon Burst mode and Shoutmon DX (who can transform into Shoutmon X7).