Digimon digital monsters: digi-knights is the first american school play based on digimon

set in the modern times in San Fansico 3 abused teens were sent to the digital world to end a comming evil from taking over all digimon and then they obtained the "D-tector Xros" to harness the elemental DNA charge and save the digital world

Characters: John Miyaoki(the protagonist) and the leader of the Digi-knights his d-tector xros is Red and orange, his partner digimon partners are Agumon and Ranamon

Ella Kirioko: she is a beautiful and a kind kid her d-tector xros is Pink and purple, her digimon partners are Lalamon and Magnamon

Kenshi Shinka: the youngest of the group and his d-tector xros is green and black his digimon partners are Wormon and alphamon