When Koushiro and Taichi try to force-re-open the gate to the digital world,an accident appears,and the gate opens in 5 computers,owned by:Ty Komonya,Rachel Alekoya,Hikaru Alekoya,Drake Bokoyama and Nini Kamazeko.

Main Characters:Edit

  • Ty Komonya and Elecmon
  • Rachel Alekoya and Biyomon
  • Hikaru Alekoya and Kamemon
  • Drake Bokoyama and Dracmon
  • Nini Kamazeko and Floramon


  1. Open The Gate!Digital World!
  2. Clash on The Beach!Birdramon and Sangloupmon!
  3. Dark Forest!Gwappamon
  4. Cherrymon's Strike!Ninjamon!
  5. Lucemon's Castle!Leomon VS Sangloupmon
  6. Digimental Up!GrapLeomon!
  7. Digimental of Sincerity!Yasyamon
  8. The Dark Chip!Digimental of Love!
  9. HiAndromon's Army!Digimental of Hope!

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