A fanon series of Digimon which takes suppossedly takes place after Digimon Fusion.


There's a war going on between the organic and robot Digimon. The robot Digimon's leader, Machinedramon (who is actually the same Machinedramon from Digimon Adventure 01) plans to take back the Digital World and is winning. However, an organic Digimon, Sauromon and his best friend Tentomon decide to go to the Real World and give 6 Digivices to 6 tenagers so they become Digion in order to win the war against Machinedramon.

Differences withe the animeEdit

  • The Digi-Destined this series are from America.
  • Unlike Digimon Frontier, the Digi-Destined becom Champions, then Ultimates, and finally Megas.
  • Cyborg Digimon are now extremely rare.



  • Jake - A 7th grade soccer player. Has a red Digivice. Can Digimutate into Greydramon, digivolve/warp digimutate to RizeTyrnnomon, can digivolve/warp dgimutate into CyberTyrannomon, and can DNA digivolve/warp DNA digimutate with Greg/MachAllomon to UltraDinomon.
  • Greg - Jake's 6th grade brother. Has a blue Digivice. Can Digimutate into MarineAllomon, digivolve/warp digimutate to MetalAllomon, digivolve/warp digimutate MachAllomon, and can DNA digivolve/warp DNA digimutate with Jake/CyberTyrannomonto UltraDinomon.

Organic DigimonEdit

Robot DigimonEdit

  • Machinedramon
  • MetalTyrannomon
  • Andromon