After the world was saved by the delightens a new evil has risen to destroy the Digital World and Real World. But help with new Digimon and Human Kids form to fight them.


  • Kasuke Kite
  • Peter Stone
  • Omar Garcia
  • Monica Gellar
  • Chris Griffen
  • Teal Mcdune
  • Rachel Green
  • Phoebe Love
  • Terra Leave
  • Miko Teller

Lost DestinesEdit

  • Drake Drawn
  • Robert Hoffer
  • Dawn Hikari


    • Lava Portal - Owned by Peter Stone. - Courage.
    • Mist Portal - Owned by Omar Garcia. - Friendship.
    • Flower-Stream Portal - Owned by Monica Gellar - Sincerity/Reliability.
    • Elctro Portal - Owned by Chris Griffen. - Knowledge.
    • Watersport Portal - Owned by Teal Mcdune. - Reliability.
    • Reath Portal - Owned by Rachel Green. - Sincerity.
    • Spirit Portal - Owned by Phoebe Love. - Love.
    • Dune Portal - Owned by Terra Leave. - Friendship/Courage.
    • Tempted Portal - Owned by Miko Teller. - Darkness/Love.
    • Dark Portal-Owned By Kasuke Kite-Darkness/Courage

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