Deragodymon is A Digimon Spirit of Fire. he is also the leader of the Vulcan clan in the deserts of the Digital World. he is known as the strongest fire spirit other than Hagunimon (Takuya's Spirit). he follows Endac by taking the body of a boy named Ian Tekuna Dragonfire. Endac never knew though that Ian was a digidestined, just that Ian had a secret. Endac first met him when he was first working with Takuya and J.P. in the Digital world fighting a bunch of Wolfmons and another Digimon called Gerutamon (which is a wind type digimon). Hagunimon and Drageromon were too tired to keep fighting and de-digivolved, while Beetlemon was taking down the Wolfmons. Endac and Takuya were going to die untill Deragodymon appeared and defeated Gerutamon. since them they have been working together on and off when ever they meet up.