• Digiegg of StubbornnessGo to Tenacity, Pride & Desire
  • Digiegg of PrideGo to Digiegg of Pride
  • Digiegg of DesireGo to Digiegg of Desire
The final three Armor Digieggs are the Digimetals of Tenacity/Stubbornness, Pride/Vanity and Desire/Lust, but they are also the only Digieggs that have never been seen outside of The Wonderswan video games. The Armor Digiegg of Pride allows the evil Digimon Lucamon Dark Armor Digivolve into his Chaos Mode without the need to Mode Change into it, the Armor Digiegg of Desire allows Lilithmon to Dark Armor Digivolve into her own Chaos Mode and the Armor Digiegg of Tenacity allows Renamon to morph into her very own human form and Rika into an alternate version of Renamon; just, not always at the same time.


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