Renamon`s Wish is a Christmas special taking place in the Digimon Tamers Universe, where Renamon meets the Holiday Digimon Santamon. The Story : The Digimon Tamers teach their partner Digimon about both Christmas and the meaning of Christmas, as well as of Santa Claus delivering presents to all boy's and girl's who were good all year long. But Renamon is most intrigued with the a story called The Christmas Wish, a book that her human partner Rika Nunaka decided to buy for her since it was on sale. Later that night, after reading that book, Renamon looked up at the stary sky, closed her eyes and for fun made her own wish. " I wish I had the power to alwaies be able to morph into my own human form and back at will." Just then, a Mega Level Digimon came up to her which alerted Rika through her Digivice. They both wanted to know why Santamon was here, and he told them because he wanted to grant Renamon her Christmas Wish, to forever have the ability to morph back and forth from Digimon to human and back. Rika was shocked when she heard this, and asked her why she wanted to become a human being. Renamon told her that it is because she wanted to become a real member of Rika`s family and become her biological big sister, since she has always loved Rika as her own little sister. Rika cried a little when she heard that and smiled, and asked Santamon to grant Renamon her wish. Once he did, she slowly turned into a human version of her Digimon self. As a human, she had blond hair, blue eyes, was very beautiful and looked like a fifteen year old teenage girl. Rika gave her some extra clothes to wear because she felt cold and naked without her fer, that's all I'm gonna say on that. Santamon then left saying that they have one week to decide if they want the wish to be either permanent or removed when he returns, the two then went to bed. Rika`s mom and grandma were shocked when Renamon showed them her new ability to become a human being, but since Renamon`s clothes don't fit her, Mrs.Nonaka decided to take her shopping. When Renamon ( Renie ) came out of the dressing room, she was wearing a short sleeve white tank top with a green strip going around the middle, a light green skirt, white shooes with green designs, light green socks, a straw hat with a sunflower on it, a light green perse, a tiny white belt, light green nail polish and had her ears pearsed. She soon bumped into Henery Wong ( Terriermon`s human partner ), who developed the courage to ask her out on a date, which she said yes to. Renamon and Mrs.Nonaka soon came home after a long day of shopping, and Rika seemed jealous over how much her mother and Digimon partner relate to each other, but was also surprised when Renamon told her that she is going on a date with Henery later tonight. After Henery brings her home from the movies and eating out, they kiss for up to thirty seconds before he left and sayed that he will see her later. The two were definitely in love, as Rika found out on Renamon`s first day at their school. Rika soon told Renamon how angry she was and why before she meanly told her that she is not her sister and not her mother's real daughter. Renamon, still in human form, ran home crying her heart out. Just then, she saw and picked up an envelope that Renie/Renamon droped before running off, which turned out to be a picture of Renamon in human form with Rika and her family with a note which sayed : To a wonderful daughter and incredible little sister, love Renamon and mommy. Rika than ran home to apologise before Renamon could ask Santamon to take back her wish, and made it just in time before that could happen. Rika apologized and said how proud she is in having such a wonderful big sister that she will never take for granted ever again. Seeing how happy they truly are, Santamon decided not to reverse the wish as he left and wished them both a very Merry Christmas. The two then celebrated Christmas morning together with the rest of their family, and as Renamon gave Rika the rare booster pack of Digimon card's she's been wanting, Rika gave Renamon a birth certificate with the name Renie Nokaka on it, as Mrs.Nonaka gave her adoption papers stateing that Renamon is now an official member of their family. Renamon cryed as she gave them all a big group hug as they told each other the word's I love you and merry Christmas.

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