Megatron Greymon WTF by Sieberwolf

Megatron Terra… um, I mean, Digitize!

184px-Greymon t

Megatron: Digi Beast Mode

When Megatron's spark survived his destruction by the end of Beast Machines Transformers, he downloaded himself into the Digital World but also into the DataFrame of an old Transwarp Engine, which sent his spark into Earth's Digital World in another dimension during the early 21st Century. In order to recreate his body, his spark began absorbing the data of Chrome Digizoid, which is one of the most powerful metals in the Digital World before his new DNA Scanner took a scan of Tai's Agumon as Greymon before defeating an enemy Digimon named Colemon. Now, the Beast Wars Megatron plots to concur this new dimension with his awesome Mega Level like power and strength.


  • Intelligence 10
  • Strength      10
  • Speed         06
  • Armour        10 
  • Insurance    10
  • Power         10
  • FirePower   08
  • Cunning      10
  • Rank Level  10
  • Ability         09

Attacks: Digimon Beast ModeEdit

  • Nova Blast
  • Nova Flame
  • Greymon Claw/Greymon Punch
  • Greymon Tail Whip
  • Greymon Head But
  • Greymon Kick/Greymon Stomp
  • Greymon Bite
  • Greymon Slam
  • Greymon Roar

Attacks: Robot ModeEdit

  • Nova Blast (Right Hand)
  • Nova Flame (Right Hand)
  • Plasma Blaster (Right Hand)
  • All attacks as Greymon except the first two
  • Flight


  1. Miotismon
  2. Vadamon
  3. Witchmon
  4. Volcamon
  5. Duskmon

New Arch EnemiesEdit

  1. Tai and Agumon
  2. Geni
  3. Davis and Veemon
  4. Big One from J.A.K.Q.
  5. Karri and Gotomon

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • He is the only Predacon in this crossover.
  • The spark of Optimus Primal would later follow him there and gain a Gorillamon Beast Mode.
    • They would also be responsible for starting The Digimon Beast Wars.
  • This is the first crossover between Digimon: Digital Monsters and The Transformers.
    • However, it is also the 2nd crossover between Hasbro (and it's Transformers line) and Bandai characters after Power Rangers/Transformers: Legends United.
  • No other Transformers would enter this dimension.


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