The Story : The Digimon Tamers soon learn that the power of Biomerge Digivolution has a side effect, a side effect known as immortality. One thousand years later, the Tamers are still 15 years old, and have become a vigilante police squad. 

Digimon Tamers and their Digimon partners!
Name Age&Gender Digimon partner Mega Form
Takato Masuki 15 yr old boy Guilmon Gallantmon
Henery Wong 15 yr old boy Terriermon MegaGargomon
Rika Nonaka 15 yr old girl Renamon Sakuyamon
Ryo Akiawah 15 yr old boy Monodramon Justimon
Jerri 15 yr old girl DemiLeomon SaberLeomon
Susie Wong 13 yr old girl Lopmon Charubimon
Digimon Enimies
Name Type Level Group
NeoMiotismon Virus Mega Level 3 Ghost/Vampire
Lilithmon Virus Mega Level 1 Fallen Angel
Omnimon Zwart Virus Mega Level 2 Warrior
SkullGreymon Virus Armor(Digiegg of Darkness) Undead
Devimon Virus Champion Fallen Angel
Apoklimon Virus Mega Level 1 Fallen Angel
Jeri Type Data No Level D-Reaper Agent
KingEtemon Data Mega Level 2 Puppet
LadyDevimon Virus Ultimate Fallen Angel
Myphistomon Virus Ultimate Fallen Angel
IceDevimon Virus Champion Fallen Angel

Note : Digimon Immortals is both the sequel and continuation of Digimon Tamers/Digimon Season Three, but set 1,000 year's in the future.



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