• Yoyomom

    • Ex-Veemn->Magnamon(Blue)->Ulforce V-dramon
    • Stingmon->Jewel Beemon->Grandis Kuwagamon
    • Aquilamon->Karatenmon->Ornismon
    • Ankilomon->Brachimon->Ultimate Brachimon
    • Ankilomon+Angemon=[Mideval Angemon]->Clavis Angemon
    • Phoenixmon+Rosemon=Unitymon
    • Hercules Kabuterimon+Plesiomon=Amalgammon
    • Valkerymon+Unitymon=Valkerymon Rainbow mode
    • Vikemon+Amalgammon=Vikemon Mach mode
    • Clavis Angemon+Amalgammon=Clavis Angemon Mach mode
    • Imperialdramon Paladin mode+Valkerymon Rainbow mode+Vikemon Mach mode or Clavis Angemon Mach mode=Trinemon
    • Trinemon+At least one Digimon=Super Trinemon

    • Gaurdramon->Andromon+Kazu=HiAndromon
    • Marine Angemon+Kenta=Neptunemon
    • Lopmon->Turuiemon->Andiramon+Suzi=Cherubimon
    • Mega Gargomon+Cherubimon=Alexandamon

    • Arbormon+Petaldramon=Troiamon

    • Lilamon->Lotusmon->Lo…

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  • Memphis the light

    So I just got a new look done for Derukamon and well I need some help getting his color scheme down. If someone can help me color him I will be very happy! Well here he is the new model!

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  • Wh!te$tar

    Staring out.

    November 17, 2010 by Wh!te$tar

    Well, the site's pretty barren right now. All I really need here right now is to make articles for canon characters and canon Digimon. They should pretty much be exactly like the SFW pages. All it needs to say is "This page is for from anyone's continuity". Other than that, the site's pretty much okay.

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