Awaken (覚醒 Kakusei) is a new story in the works, and despite being a part of the Digimon franchise, it exists in another narrative altogether, one that contains many differences to the existing Digimon meta-saga and its extensive world and history. In this new world, what awaits a group of humans, each bearing their own burdens?


Awaken tells the story of two young adults who wake up in their own beds, in their own houses, in their own colourless lives. Preparing to face another day, each heads towards the city, hopeful of change. One goes to chase after his dreams, the other to face her past. When both realize that the memories they keep close to their hearts no longer seem to fit in place, change occurs. As all life around them disappear without a trace for reasons unknown, the two race to the heart of the now-silent city, full of fear and bewilderment. Guided only by the sound of each other's footsteps, the two finally meet, only to find a familiar face in front of them.

Friends Takashi Kamiki and Makiko Sakuraba lock eyes in the crossings of Shibuya, and before either one could break the silence, the ground is shaken by an enormous explosion in the distance. As monstrous, unseeable entities devastate the city of Tokyo, seemingly in pursue of Takashi and Makiko, an unseeable being leads them to safety. The being tells the two that the terrors would return shortly, and that they need to awaken in order to escape from them for good. In order to do so, both must revisit their pasts to find out how they were thrust into this eternal sleep - and end it.

The two would eventually wake up from their comas, but not without change. Both return to their real lives, and despite the tragedy the two shared, they find comfort in one another. But Makiko cannot forget the being that had helped them in the world created from their minds. Believing him to be a person from her past, she leaves home to find 'Yggdrasil', a place the being had referred to as his 'once-kingdom'. Takashi decides to look for her, with only her last words as available clues, and guilt as the force driving him forward.

Clutching the girl's snowboarding goggles - a memento left to him - in hand, the young man enters an impossible world of wondrous happenings and strange, powerful creatures.

Yggdrasil - the greatest land within the digital stream.