• Amy
    Name:Amy Wabaka
  • Age:6
  • Relatives:Kakeru Wabaka(Father),Sayaka Wabaka(Mother),Finn Wabaka(Brother)
  • Romantic Interest:None
  • Nicknames:
  • Team Affiliations:Good
  • Species:Human
  • Gender: Female
  • Hair:Brown
  • Eyes:Green
  • Clothing:Lavender shirt,white shorts,tulip clip,pink and white shoes
  • Abilities:Unknown
  • Weapons:Unknown
  • Forms:Amaterasumon
  • Theme song:
  • Profession:


Amy and her brother where attacked by a Reapermon in the local Orphanage,but they were saved by Celesmon and her partner,and they all dissappeared that night.Four years later,Amy and her brother were at summer camp,where it started to snow.Soon,the digivices fell to them,and tey grab them and then soon are teleported with the other kids.Upon arravel,both kids meet their partners,Chipmon as Amy's,to which they became fast friends.When Kuwagamon attack the group,she Called out to Chipmon and helped her digivolve to her rookie form.