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A Digimon Adventure is a comic series. It is based on the cartoon Digimon. It has 45 Chapters.

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This article details the Manga between Light And Darkness


  • Shinji and Fuilmon
  • Yuuki and Guilmon
  • Kouda and Terriermon
  • Rie and Gatamon
  • Souji and Dorulumon
  • Garnier and Floramon
  • Jerry and Floramon
  • Rika and Coronamon
  • Ruki and Lunamon
  • Akari and Renamon
  • Kasumi and Impmon
  • Doni and Gomamon
  • Aiko and Palmon
  • Riku and Dragonomon
  • Jacques and Potomon
  • Kenta and Agurimon

New CharactersEdit

  • Lucas and Veemon
  • Kei and Agumon
  • Kita and Biyomon
  • Kosiro and Patamon
  • Mina and Hawkmon
  • ===Villains===
  • Lucemon
  • Cherubimon Evil
  • Ogremon
  • Goblimon
  • LadyDevimon
  • Vilemon


  • Mom
  • Dedi
  • Nancy

Mentioned ChractersEdit

  • Kodi
  • Sedi


  • Chapters 1:A Digimon Adventure
  • Chapters 2:Renamon's Big Day
  • Chapters 3:Agumon Guilmon and Patamon
  • Chapters 4:The Past part 1
  • Chapters 5:The Past part 1

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